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There is also a Smart Hedging option available, when the robot chooses the most optimal method from the ones described above. With a thoughtful positioning, you can get a big profit using the full potential of rapid price fluctuations along the trading grid. Classic Grid systems are often used for protection against price risks. We will consider using the Grid system as hedging on Forex in more detail in this section. We will follow all actions step by step, summarize and calculate the possible profit.


Trading can be a high-stress endeavour, and emotions can lead to suboptimal trading decisions. The main benefit of grid trading is that, since it is systematic, human judgement and emotion are taken out of the picture. It can be suitable for different crypto market environments, from trending to sideways. A stop order is an order type that can be used to limit losses as well as enter the market on a potential breakout. The investment required to start a bot is determined by the criteria you specify.

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This allows traders to make larger crypto trades amid extra risk exposure. Since it is a systematic strategy, crypto grid trading does not involve human judgement, except when setting the initial predetermined price levels. Once the price levels are set, crypto grid trading bots provided by crypto trading platforms perform the tasks, and the trader can sit back and let the strategy run itself. Grid trading bots are automated trading algorithms that use a predetermined grid of buy and sell orders to profit from small price movements in the market. Grid bots essentially create a grid-like structure within which they place buy/sell orders at various levels, with the aim of profiting when the asset is up and down.

Crypto investors should consider using a Grid Trading Bot to mitigate the risk of missing market opportunities and inaccurately timing stop loss or take profit decisions. This new trading strategy enables the program to execute trades that “buy low and sell high” within a pre-determined price range automatically. Not only does this help crypto investors to overcome market volatility, but it also provides a steady source of profits.

Divide the interval upper limit price and interval lower limit price into corresponding shares. The geometric grid divides the price range from the Lower Price to the Upper Price into the number of grids by equal price ratio. Grid trading is when orders are placed above and below a set price, creating a grid of orders at incrementally increasing and decreasing prices. Grid trading as a strategic trading tool should not be regarded as financial or investment advice from Binance. Grid trading is used at your discretion and at your own risk.

The last unfavorable option is one of the drawbacks of the Forex hedging grid strategy, which does not allow you to rely on this method entirely and get 100% profit. Then the price chart crosses the automatic stop loss level of the active Buy order . Therefore, we subtract from the total profit the loss of 500 points and it is now equal to 2,650 points. Trading with the trend is used when the price is expected to move in a certain direction. In this case, buy orders are located above the base price, and sell orders – below it. If you are trading manually, there is a time limit, and you cannot trade around the clock.

The next step is to divide the interval upper limit price and interval lower limit price into grid levels. Each exchange has its rules; however, manual and automatic settings are available across all major exchanges, such as Binance,, ByBit, etc. In manual mode, the trader may select levels, and in the automatic mode, grid levels are determined automatically. Using grid trading bots allows you to take advantage of trends in the price of a commodity while remaining constant over time. Trading tactics are one of the strongest in fluctuating markets. Quickly draw a 10-level grid on your chart with our open-source tool.


They are combined into a single system only when the advisor detects the possibility of hedging one of the sides due to the excess total profit on the other side. Each of the two trading grids must have clear boundaries for profit and loss. Take profits and stop losses are placed according to the same principle that I showed in the examples above. It makes sense to place stop losses at the level when the profit received from the open trades in one grid will exceed the loss from positions in another grid that is mirrored to it.

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If the reaches the edge of the grid, the bot will cancel all open orders and cease trading. Binance is the world’s first cryptocurrency platform, supporting over 300 altcoins for cryptocurrency traders. Retail buyers will buy Bitcoin on the Binance platform using their credit cards. Although many Binance users may not know about it, the various bots and utilities available on the platform make it easy to trade cryptocurrencies.

spot grid trading

Don’t waste your time on searching, try this robot with LiteFinance. LiteFinance clients can also rent VPS servers directly from their personal account. Thanks to this, you don’t have to set up the server, you can start trading and setting up robots immediately. Trading quotes and server capacities are supplied by a single provider, thus ensuring reliable and fast operation of advisors around the clock.

Do Grid bots make money?

This is essentially a balancing act between making small profits from many trades or making larger profits from fewer trades. This could involve placing buy orders at different intervals below the current market price, and sell orders at different intervals above the current market price. This will result in the following predefined limit within which the grid trading bot will now function. All examples listed in this article are for informational purposes only. You should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, cyber-security, or other advice.

  • Let’s take a hypothetical Bitcoin/Tether trade example to understand how a grid trading bot works and what parameters are taken into consideration.
  • Since it is a systematic strategy, crypto grid trading does not involve human judgement, except when setting the initial predetermined price levels.
  • Determine whether the grid will be with-the-trend or against-the-trend.
  • GRID Bot is a cryptocurrency trading bot that needs an exchange API key to operate.

This ensures that you never miss an opportunity for arbitrage, as the bot operates even when you’re sleeping, eating, or working. The arithmetical interval refers to placing orders at equal price intervals. A one-click strategy for making a profit in quote currency during a sideways move. The bot will place a fixed order grid and will keep printing USDT or another quote currency as long as the price fluctuates in a defined range. Therefore, please check whether you’ve enabled the automatic subscription function on Binance Savings for the base and the quote currencies before running the grid strategy.

You can access a wide of exchanges and assets traded on them to maximize your profits. However, this bot doesn’t have a free trial and costs quite a penny. In addition, a trader has to be in tune with trends and news in the crypto industry.

  • Moreover, they can be easily adapted to multiple currency markets and provide an accessible starting point for those who don’t have the resources or expertise to analyze markets manually.
  • Generally, the trading bot places buy/sell orders between a predetermined price range, constructing an automated trading grid.
  • This type of trading grid works best to capitalise on the trending markets and execute orders only when there is a strong uptrend or downtrend.
  • This strategy allows traders to buy low and sell high and as such, capitalize on market volatility.
  • Grid strategy trading does not demand prior expertise in analyzing signals, indicators, or algorithms from users – making it easy for any level of the trader to take part.

Pending sell orders are located above the base price, and buy orders are placed below it. If the underlying price moves so far up or down that it exceeds the upper and lower limits of the grid interval, trading will be halted, and no profit will be made. When the price of the underlying fluctuates within the set interval, the grid will automatically buy and sell, increasing the likelihood of reaching a deal and profit. The market trend does not enter the price range you set, it may lead to inefficient use of invested funds.

Altrady Grid Trading Bot

Due to the fact that Trading is pursuing uncertainty, increased volatility results in higher returns. It benefits from the ups and downs of a market’s price swings and is most effective where there is no discernible up or downtrend for an extended time. The greater the frequency and magnitude of market swings, the more profitable the technique.

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In the classic version, sell orders are placed above the base price, and buy orders below it. After a downward reversal occurs, they generate profits that are locked in when they approach buy orders below the base price. After taking profit, you need to reopen closed positions in order to be able to get profit from the next cycle. As you can see, grid trading is a variety of trading channel strategies. The main common feature of this approach is effective trading in a flat market and maximizing profits from trading in the channel.

GRID Bot is a trading bot designed to assist you in executing the Grid Trading Strategy. In comparison to the majority of other strategies, it is a trading tactic that fits well in a ranging sideways market with a less direct pathway. Trading bots can be trusted as long as they are being used with caution and an understanding of the markets. Additionally, it is important to use reputable platforms and exchanges for trading.

Hello everyone, This was a grid trading example for intraday trading. Please be advised that every commodity have diferent kind of reaction and rate of change between periods therefore the percentages need to be adjusted acording to the commodities change %. In order to specify the adjustment rate we add the Zig Zag in the script.

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If you leave the field at zero, the robot will be able to close any position, and if you assign it a number, it will only close only positions with this number. I also recommend making sure that the platform settings are activated, which are necessary for the robot to work correctly. To do this, in the top menu select the “Service” tab, then in the drop-down menu select “Settings”. Sell ​​limit orders are executed when the market rises above the current level and stopped when the market falls. Buy limit orders are executed if the market falls below the current level and stopped when the market rises. The first way involves managing the two grids as separate systems.

To set up the grid, the trader first needs to decide on a reference price. In the above example of a sideways market, buy orders should be set below the reference price. Each buy order has a corresponding sell order set at levels above the buy orders. Visually, the price levels resemble gridlines on a grid; hence, the name grid trading. They allow you to specify the grid size, the exchange rate, the price, the lower and upper price limits, and the percentage of funds to distribute. Furthermore, they have optional features such as stop-loss, take-profit, and trailing up.

But at the same time, even the best Forex grid strategy demonstrates low efficiency in the case of a stable unidirectional trend movement. I highly recommend testing this strategy in manual mode with small lots or even on a demo account. This will help you work out the mechanics of the strategy and understand how to work with it. After you gain experience trading with this strategy, the next big step for you is to use a quality Forex Grid master or Forex Grid trader. In other words, this is a trading robot / advisor that will automatically set the grid. This will save a lot of time, as well as rid your trading system of the notorious human error.

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