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And now, thanks to one epic “Saturday Night Live” skit, fans are clamoring to see Pascal take on a new role—a brooding, hardened, princess smuggling Mario. The moisture sensing technology can also help alert healthcare workers to changes in a patient’s condition, whether they are being treated in a hospital setting or being monitored via telemedicine. Not everyone thinks that the smart diaper is a bad idea. When the humidity level rises in the diaper, the graphite and the urine are absorbed by the paper and it turns on a sensor powered by a small lithium battery. The sensor then sets the alarm on an app that parents download onto their phones.

  • “By creating a pathway into sport for young girls, I hope to help them build confidence on and off the court,” Osaka explains.
  • When the humidity level rises in the diaper, the graphite and the urine are absorbed by the paper and it turns on a sensor powered by a small lithium battery.
  • Although many people are unsure whether we need a massive technological advancement in baby wetness detection, that’s not the only goal of Penn State’s project.
  • I get irritated with that sort of behaviour very quickly.
  • Studies on sudden unexpected death among school children and high school students in Osaka Prefecture.
  • Her 2020 US Open triumph was set against the backdrop of a pandemic and social unrest, drawing accolades from across society.

The team’s symbol is located on the upper-left area of the shirt. Besides the goalkeeper, members of Osaka Gals CCC wear short shirts that have the same pattern as their sleeves over short tights that are colored white. The socks are a dark, grayish-purple with two white stripes around the top and the shoes are white and lilac. The goalkeeper wears a long-sleeved dark purple shirt with lilac sleeves, the cuffs being a slightly darker purple. The goalkeeper’s gloves are white with a small section being colored grayish-blue. Their shorts are light purple with white linings, the socks being completely dark blue, and black cleats with a white pattern.

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“Lord of the Rings” actor Elijah Wood took to social media to condemn the decision, saying that it would negatively affect those with lower incomes. The company’s announcement was met with both criticism and approval.

The good news is that the Osaka girls who want to hook up with foreign men won’t be in a non gaijin friendly bar anyways so it really doesn’t hinder your chance to get laid. The main singles nightlife area is Namba and many of the above spots we listed will be found there. After the nightlife we will talk about meeting women in your area during the day and online dating which can work very well. From there we will be pivoting to our date night guide. This is the main party district, with neon signs, noisy clubs, and plenty of beautiful girls 24/7.

‘Saturday Night Live’ turns ‘Mario Kart’ into a gritty HBO drama and people are obsessed

In 2021 Osaka founded her own line KINLÒ, a functional protective skincare line for all people of color. The line is formulated specifically for melanated skin types and offers an assortment of everyday skincare products to help assist in daily recovery and rejuvenation. The brand pays homage to Naomi’s bicultural heritage in the meaning of the name KINLÒ, with both Kin and Lo meaning ‘gold’ in Japanese and Haitian Creole respectively. Though fans might not be seeing Mario brought to life quite this way anytime soon, their favorite adventuring plumber will be taking to the big screen on April 7 for Universal’s “The Super Mario Bros.

It offers a great variety in nightclubs, bars, restaurants and arcades. The Osaka nightlife is just as vibrant and entertaining as the Tokyo nightlife. Since I arrived in the middle of the night after my adventure in Nagoya, I decided to quickly get a hotel room and hit up the nightlife district for a nice cold Japanese beer and entertainment. “I hope the website becomes an important resource for people.”


The faux trailer imagines the video game Mario Kart as a quintessential HBO drama. Mario has to use his driving skills to get Princess Peach through an apocalyptic Mushroom Kingdom. “Like, I don’t understand how so many people in this world are discounted because one group of people decided they don’t like that,” she continued.

Maybe it’s because she is genuinely not smart or hard-working enough. This Osaka girl has rich parents and you can see it from a mile away. Everything, from her perfectly manicured nails to the handbag she carries, the shoes she wears, the places she goes to, screams ‘daddy’s money’. In the capital, it’s often hard to get a girl to schedule you in for a date. Even if overworking is a universal problem in Japan, Osaka women seem to be doing a little better. In 2013, Osaka entered the WTA professional circuit as a rising star quickly gaining fans and media attention through her powerful serve and strong forehand. Since then, she has won 4 Grand Slams – twice winning the US Open and Australian Open.

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