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Bobby and you may Peter tell your family regarding “UFO”, consequently they are delighted to inform someone at school regarding it

Bobby and you may Peter tell your family regarding “UFO”, consequently they are delighted to inform someone at school regarding it

Featuring: Robbie Rist just who satisfies the shed just like the Relative Oliver

Bobby and you will Peter, towards night after conference astronaut Brigadier General James McDivitt, are of the opinion they have seen a good UFO hover significantly more than their yard upcoming disapprear, but it’s simply Greg playing an useful joke to them. The “UFO” reappears as they one another begin images. Bobby after dreams intensely about a good UFO landing regarding the lawn that have room aliens Herlo and you will Shim emerging and you can interacting with him. Mike shows the newest build “UFO” images toward Air Push who send Head James McGregor from neighborhood police to investigate. Greg is actually forced to accept on the insights and seems to lose explore of the vehicle on sunday while the discipline. Visitor celebrities: Brigadier General James McDivitt, Mario Machado, Frank Delfino as Herlo the newest Kaplutian, Sadie Delfino as the Shim the new Kaplutian, James Flavin as the Captain James McGregor. Note: Frank Delfino got prior to now played Mike Lookinland’s ‘Bobby Brady’ stunt double, Sadie Delfino had in earlier times played Susan Olsen’s ‘Cindy Brady’ stunt double, most of the in advance of the children grew too big. The obvious clipped on Greg’s lip, said because the an effective shaving accident within event, to be real the result of a visitors collision Barry Williams is employed in. Blooper: Frank Delfino, because the Herlo, addresses Shim due to the fact ‘Herlo’ about second fantasy succession. 112 517 “Invited Aboard” Richard Michaels Larry Rhine Al Schwartz January 25, 1974 112

Peter and you may Bobby whine one to not one person at school believes him or her about the “UFO” therefore search evidence from the hiking from the yard which have a cam

Carol’s nephew, new Brady youngsters’ relative Oliver, the brand new boy regarding Pauline and you will Jack, pertains to accept the Bradys if you are his parents are located in South usa. He almost wears away his anticipate when he is actually employed in several slight injuries in the eagerness to simply help away. He’s sure their visibility isn’t jinxing your family when his presence wins him or her a honor while in the a trip a movie facility, where all of them arrive because the add-ons when you look at the a 1920s-style slapstick flick. Visitor stars: John Nolan as the Jim Douglas, Judd Laurance since manager, Snag Werris since officer, Penis Winslow due to the fact vehicle rider primary, and you can Ralph Montgomery since vehicle rider number two. 113 518 “Several Petes inside the a beneficial Pod” Richard Michaels Sam Locke Milton Pascal February 8, 1974 111

Peter matches his right “double” Arthur in school just after and work out a night out together with a girl called Michelle. When Arthur can make a date having Pamela, a niece away from Mike’s manager Ed Phillips, when you are masquerading as Peter, Peter need enlist Arthur’s make it possible to stop breaking possibly day. Carol and you can Mike catch for the, however, Pamela is basically drawn to Arthur, and you will Michelle was in the end interested in Peter. Featuring: Christopher Knight within the a dual part regarding Peter Brady and you may Arthur Owens, Robbie Rist since Relative Oliver. Guest famous people: Denise Nickerson while the Pamela, Kathy O’Dare just like the Michelle. 114 519 “Top-secret” Bernard Wiesen Howard Ostroff March fifteen, 1974 115

Bobby and you can Oliver jump to all or any form of findings whenever Mike is decided to go to because of the Fred Sanders a keen FBI representative (to find defense clearances getting an authorities venture), and subsequently is actually requested to help Sam which have a good “”” inside info “”” project to grow his shop. The new men trust Sam are passing suggestions towards the Russians when they discover your conferring together with property manager, Mr. Gronsky, concerning the endeavor, and you may lock Sam and you may Gronsky on the animal meat locker. Mike is able to 100 % free both and you may things are cleaned upwards. At the same time Sam’s consult regarding Mike to attract agreements to possess a good “”” inside info “”” investment direct Alice, Carol, Marcia, Jan and you can Cindy to imagine that he’s about to ask Alice in order to wed your, which Mike was making a house in their mind. Featuring: Allan Melvin in the final looks once the Sam Franklin, Robbie Rist since the Relative Oliver. Invitees superstars: Lew Palter as the Mr. Gronsky, Wear Fenwick as the Fred Sanders. 115 520 “The fresh Snooperstar” Bruce Bilson Harry Winkler February 22, 1974 113

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