With Naseeruddin Shah greeting the house full audience in eloquent Urdu,  Heeba Shah (daughter) opened the show with the first act – “Chhui Mui” ; Ratna Pathak Shah (wife), an instantly recognizable face presented her part of the performance act with “Mughal Bachcha” ; the final act “Gharwali” brings Naseeruddin Shah to the stage , and it is clear headliner of the show. The 66 year old actor effortlessly embodies the spirit of a flamboyant young girl , a moody young man , and a number of other smaller characters in an exemplary show of physical theatre, while making the stage his own canvas.

The minimalistic stage, with a simple backdrop and a platform with a few pillows, underwent subtle changes across the stories, and the use of props, while they were very limited, were very much on point.  The music and lighting played a big role in setting the scenes as well , never too abrupt and always precisely. Therefore with the overall management and the huge turnover, it is sure to make the organizers Blues Communications Ltd. as well as the title sponsor City Bank, very happy.