Formed with a combination of experienced and young recourses, Blues Communications started its journey in 2012. In the business to set new milestones in the field of event and entertainment management, Blues strives to put in that extra bit into everything.


Blues strives to bring international standards into local execution. Challenging current norms, practices and limitations in event planning and execution is only the tip of the iceberg for us. The vision is set towards culminating a seamless global standardization in terms of infrastructure, professionalism and workstyle in a local context.


Holding the name of Bangladesh high in the sector has always been a chasing story for Blues Communications. This effort resonates from the East to the West, with artists from home and abroad adorning the stages created and perfected by Blues. Blues strives to be a part of the global music scene, attending international conferences like Womex and Jazzahead! on a regular basis.